The Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade

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LITPOLUKRBRIG Command is organized according to NATO standards and comprised of commander, deputy commander, personal staff and staff headed by a Chief of staff. The staff contains operations branch, support branch, visit and protocol cell and information management cell.




Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) is the first in the chain of command among DCOS Operation and DCOS Support. DCOS supports Chief of Staff and replaces him in case of unavailability. Deputy Chief of Staff is exercising command over Information Management Cell and Visit & Protocol Cell.

Information Management Section conducts official incoming and outgoing correspondence, disseminates and stores all information in the Brigade, and develops the Information Management System at LITPOLUKRBRIG.

Visit and Protocol Section deals with organizing, coordinating and conducting all military and civil visits at LITPOLUKRBRIG. The Section has the position of Press Officer who oversees contacts with the media and promotes LITPOLUKRBRIG through them.

Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (DCOS OPS) manages all intelligence aspects, ongoing operations, short- and long-term planning, civil-military coordination and engineering issues.

S-2 Section deals with all reconnaissance aspects, is responsible for collecting, analyzing and disseminating relevant information in the field of reconnaissance, provides GEOMET data and assessment, coordinates means of electronic warfare and advises on all matters related to electronic warfare. 

S-3 Section is responsible for short-term planning and ongoing activities. It monitors the implementation of developed plans and tracks the current location of subordinate elements (troops), provides support and mentoring in conducting activities in functional areas, e.g. fire support, anti-aircraft defense, troops protection, WOMDP, rules of force use.

S-5 Section conducts long-term planning, develops and coordinates policies and concepts, conducts operational analysis and provides recommendations, prepares guidelines for future operations and general specifications for exercises.

S-9 Section provides civil-military cooperation with governmental, non-governmental and international organizations; conducts informational and psychological activities.

The Engineering Section performs an advisory function for Commander in all matters related to engineering activities security (tasks carried out as part of combat security) and plans engineering support tasks. It informs Commander on the state of (organic and subordinate) support forces and measures, as well as possibilities of performing engineering tasks. Engineering Section is responsible for supervising the implementation of engineering tasks by sub-units of other types of forces and for organizing the cooperation of engineering sub-units.

Deputy Chief of Staff Support (DCOS SUPP) manages all aspects of personnel, sustainment, communication, financial issues and combat service support.

S-1 Section is responsible for personnel readiness management, accounting and combat status reporting, running victims' management, replenishment management, management of personnel information flow, morale, social affairs and restoration and (functions) of the environmental support system, necessary personnel services (functions).

S-4 Section is responsible for all aspects of maintenance plans and operations, procurement, maintenance, transport and services.

S-6 Section plans the organization of communication and IT systems for the purposes of exercises and operations supervises their proper operation and manages the security of communication and IT systems in the area of activity.

S-8 Section deals with budgeting, finances and accounting procedures. It advises Commander and Command Group on all important financial matters, oversees the planning, preparation, execution and provision of information on budgets in specific operations.

Medical Section defines a medical mission during the military decision-making process (MDMP). It advises Deputy Chief of Staff for Support and all staff in all medical and health issues, oversees the assessment of medical capabilities and restrictions and analyzes their impact on current and planned activities. The sub-unit manages the medical security process of the Brigade sub-units in all types of operations.

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The Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade
Radziszewskiego 4
20-031 Lublin
tel. 261183000
fax. 261183018

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