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18 January 2021

LITPOLUKRBRIG Command participated in WKRA 21 Battle Staff Training (WKRA21 BST) on January 12-14, 2021 which was organized by the 18th Mechanized Division in a field training area near Lublin. 

Its main aim was to train and exercise Military Decision Making Process with the use of the Brigade Standard Operational Procedures as well as to check the LITPOLUKRBRIG readiness to work under higher command. The training event was organized to rehearse Brigade Staff Standard Operational Procedures, assess cohesion and mutual understanding between sections, the command group, and the staff combined with improving the MDMP skills, exchanging experience, and tightening the cooperation with higher HQ. WKRA21 BST provided the opportunity for the staff to rehearse the Core Planning Process and to produce an Operational Order in preparation for the execution of the WYDRA-21 Command Post Exercise that will be organized in autumn this year.

Colonel Dmytro BRATISHKO, LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander, Ukrainian Armed Forces, stated: 

“LITPOLUKRBRIG is a highly motivated and well-prepared staff, ready to conduct military operations. Since 2015 the LITPOLUKRBRIG staff have been involved in a number of training activities and international exercises as HICON. This time WKRA21 BST provided a great opportunity to check our knowledge and skills to conduct military operations as Primary Training Audience under the higher command of the 18th Mechanized Division. Now it is a great time to assess the potential capacity of the LITPOLUKRBRIG personnel to be ready to conduct military operations, to understand our procedures by the higher HQ. This Battle Staff Training it is the first stage of our mutual cooperation with the 18th Mechanized Division. The next stage will be WYDRA-21/ll Command Post Exercise”.

Also, the LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander underlined the importance of the involvement of the LITPOLUKRBRIG HQ Battalion from the 19th Mechanized Brigade to the training event. HQ Battalion covered all required needs concerning the organization and supplying the LITPOLUKRBRIG Field Command Post.

Major General Jarosław GROMADZIŃSKI, 18th Mechanized Division Commander, Polish Armed Forces, acted as the Exercise Director during the WKRA21 BST. He underlined the importance of the training events and mutual understanding for future training activities:

“There is a benefit for LITPOLUKRBRIG because the Brigade can have additional training and for the Brigade Commander too, as he did not have to prepare the exercise himself, but could act as a trainee. All the LITPOLUKRBRIG staff have the ability to concentrate only on the training aims. Such a Battle Staff Training is the best form to familiarize with the procedures among the 18th Mechanized Division and Brigade staff especially with improving the information flow, and to familiarize with work style, and briefings content because LITPOLUKRBRIG staff work on the basis of different documents than we do. After this training, the after-action review will definitely be produced. We as HICON, will define what aspects should be paid attention to, which should be exposed later in the training of the staff in order to be better prepared for the autumn exercise. What is more, we aim to show the value of this Brigade because it is a unique project on a NATO scale in Poland, as Ukraine is not a NATO member, but of high status, and it has special preferences”.

The BST WKRA21 was conducted to check the LITPOLUKRBRIG procedures with the feedback and observations from the higher HQ. After a deep analysis the BST WKRA21 LITPOLUKRBRIG staff will know what should be improved or change for common future LITPOLUKRBRIG and 18th Mechanized Division training events.




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