The Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade

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28 December 2020
The year 2020 brought for the whole world new challenges and difficulties. Lithuanian – Polish – Ukrainian Brigade also faced those problems which led to an impact on the daily activities and tasks.

At the beginning of the year, LPU staff had to create new procedures to maintain and organize all daily routines in a totally different way. The medical section was crucial in quickly responding to the challenging pandemic situation, applying necessary measures, and fight with dangerous COVID 19 spreading.

The need to made changes in the training plans which arose at the beginning of the year aimed to sustain the international military cooperation, to execute courses, training events and exercises at the highest possible level. In 2020 LITPOLUKRBRIG conducted series of Radio training, Battle Staff Training Brave Band 20 with mentors from California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania National Guard followed by Battle Staff Training with all affiliated units.

The most beneficial military event was the first common shooting training for the Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian soldiers at the shooting range in Lublin.  Moreover, soldiers from three nations were effectively involved in the Joint Multinational Training Group - Ukraine and Battalion Staff Officers Training course in Ukraine. 

What is more, workshops such as the “Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield”, CIMIC workshop, Medical Trainings and conference "Planning and organization of Medical Support of NATO countries" improved the knowledge and skills of attending personnel.

For the first time in history, International Exercise Rapid Trident 20 was carried out in the new form. LITPOLUKRBRIG playing the role of HICON was divided into two parts and operated from Lublin as the Division HQ and in the Yavoriv Combat Training Center in Ukraine as a Tactical Command Post.

Taking into consideration all COVID restrictions the LITPOLUKRBRIG sportsmen were able to achieve the 1st places in the shooting competition, float fishing cup, orienteering championship of the Polish Armed Forces and football tournaments in the Lublin Region. 

Besides training activities, the brigade was involved in the organization and carrying out of the official visit of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. Another major visit was the meeting of the three countries Defense Ministers during the 5th LITPOLUKRBRIG anniversary. During that event for the first time in history the photo exhibition “LITPOLUKRBRIG in lens” was organized. The exposition was dedicated to the history of the unit and was presented at the LITEWSKI square in Lublin, bringing great interest from invited guests and the residents of the city.

The year 2020 emerged as a significant for the Lithuanian – Polish – Ukrainian Brigade. Whole personnel met the requirements to adapt to new procedures and challenges. As a recognition of our efforts, the brigade received the task from higher Military authorities to plan, organize, and execute an international exercise THREE SWORDS 2021 in Ukraine with the aim to train affiliated units under the leadership of the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command.

Even though the number of planned activities were canceled, we have been able to conduct essential activities and achieve assumed goals. LITPOLUKRBRIG proved that is an extraordinary unit where three nations operate together under the slogan:



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