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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade (LITPOLUKRBRIG), located in Lublin, celebrates its 3rd Anniversary on September, 21, 2018.

That being so, the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command is seeking a composer who would produce the melody for the Brigade March in orchestra arrangement. The Brigade March lyrics are in English:


Lithuanian - Polish - Ukrainian Brigade!

United by hearts, with pride we march ahead!

We children of glory of famous dukes and kings!

The dove with olive branch has spreaded widely wings.


The soldiers of three nations go side-by-side,

The Unit Flag fights flapping in rhythm in their stride.

Grand Hetman Ostrogski allied us once again,

We ready to preserve peace on call by the UN!


Vilnius, Warsaw, Kyiv empower us with guidance,

Today we represent the strongest alliance.

LITPOLUKRBRIG you recognize at ease:

Multinational Brigade! United for Peace!


The March is to be played by a Military Orchestra during the official ceremony held on the occasion of the aforementioned event.

The Committee comprised of the representatives of the three countries forming LITPOLUKRBRIG is going to the best composition. Its author shall become acknowledged and recognized as an official composer of the March of an international military unit – LITPOLUKRBRIG.

The lyrics of the LITPOLUKRBRIG March can be modified if required for the purpose of adjusting to the melody, after the approval of the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command and the authors of the lyrics.

Any questions on this matter can be addressed to CPT Maciej Pisarski – phone: 261 183 014 or via mail:





























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