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The Exercise Planning Process Course in the LITPOLUKRBRIG.

The Exercise Planning Process Course was conducted in LITPOLUKRBRIG COMMAND, in Lublin between 10 –21 June, 2019


The instructors from Canada and Georgia came to LITPOLUKRBRIG to commence the Exercise Planning Process Course. Also for this training course was involved one officer from LITPOLUKRBRIG who has taken this course year before.


The Exercise Planning Process (EPP) is a flexible sequential set of processes that can be modified to apply to various levels of joint event intensity. It is intended to guide and assist event planners through a methodical process that ensures specific joint training and event milestones are captured prior to event ution.


Major Sean Clark, the Course Director explains the aim and the importance of the training course: “The Exercise Planning Process Course (EPPC) is a key component in the Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation (DMTC) capacity building program, delivered on behalf of the Canadian Department of National Defence. 


This course seeks to bring participating partner nations closer together by improving their ability to plan and deliver large-scale joint, multinational military exercises through a common understanding of terms, processes and requirements. The strength of this course is the vast experience contained within the instructional staff, which are drawn from our partner nations. This course held at the LITPOLUKRBRIG benefits from the vast exercise and operational experience of LTC Beka Ambroladze from the Defence Forces of Georgia, who is employed as the Lead Instructor.  We are also pleased to have LT Serhii Mahlovanyi, who is employed in the LITPOLUKRBRIG as an instructor for the first time, having previously taken the course in Lviv last year.  LTC Beka Ambroladze attributes the success of this course serial to the skills and expertise of the students as officers and senior non-commissioned officers within their respective military disciplines; ensuring that a wide spectrum of considerations are brought into the discussions that will ultimately improve the combined skills of all the exercise participants.


As the Course Director, I am very pleased with the support and assistance provided by the LITPOLUKRBRIG, and the Commander, COL Dmytro Bratishko – who himself is a former graduate of this course.”


Military cooperation is an extremely important element in the training process for LITPOLUKRBRIG. Military personnel has to be well trained all the time and be ready to protect the peace all over the world. We are becoming stronger day by day. Training is the mother of skills!


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