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Norwegian Defence Attaché to Poland and Norwegian Defence Attaché to Ukraine visited LITPOLUKRBRIG.




Military cooperation is an extremely important element in the process of gaining and exchanging experience, to enrich military knowledge required to conduct effective training and to prepare for possible operations.



Composed of the multinational staff, and being an excellent example of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian cooperation, located in the East of Poland, LITPOLUKRBRIG COMMAND is visible in the international environment and attracts attention of different entities.



On May 28, Colonel Håkon Magnus Løken, Norwegian Defence Attaché to Poland and Lieutenant Colonel Boye Garder Lillerud, Norwegian Defence Attaché to Ukraine visited The Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade.



During the office call with the Brigade command group, the guests were introduced to the information about the mission, tasks, the readiness status and the plans of the Brigade. During the orientation briefing the distinguished guests had the opportunity to familiarize with the Brigade’s history, training, exercises and its military cooperation.



Additionally, the Norwegian Attachés familiarized with the LITPOLUKRBRIG compound and the Command Post.



At the end of the meeting Colonel Håkon Magnus Løken and Lieutenant Colonel Boye Garder Lillerud visited the Hall of Fame where they were introduced to the LITPOLUKRBRIG military symbols and left their wishes for the Brigade in the Honorary Guests book. The Brigade Commander thanked the guests for the expressed interest and presented them with the LITPOLUKRBRIG gorgets.



We are becoming stronger day by day!

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