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Battle study trip to discover, remember and commemorate heroic battle in Poland in the beginning of World War II



World War II was a huge conflict in history, carried out on a scale almost impossible to grasp. Poland was the only European country which fought and at times experienced defeat - but never capitulated. This armed conflict began with an attack upon Poland in 1939.  


The Battle Study Trip (BST) was conducted on May 13-15, 2019. Focusing on the battles of the first days of the German invasion, the Brigade's military personnel familiarized with the military history of Poland and its armed forces in the battle areas of  Jordanów, Mokra and Częstochowa/Lubliniec.


During the BST the LITPOLUKRBRIG personnel conducted the operational reconnaissance of the above mentioned battle areas. The Brigade officers focused on the operational assessment of the terrain, conducted topographical orientation, battle terrain analysis and courses of actions at the battles of Jordanów, Mokra and Lubliniec, were Polish forces fiercely resisted the German invasion on Poland.  


Additionally, the participants visited the main local places: the Monument of the Battle of Jordanów, the Memorial Chamber of the Battle of Mokra and the Monument of the Battle of Mokra, where the military personnel commemorated the soldiers who died in World War II.


Visiting such places aims at examining historic sites and battlefields. The end result is a review of its consequences, including the social, political and military changes.


There is no future without the proper knowledge about the past...


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