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Soldiers of three nations solemnly celebrated the Polish National Flag Day and May 3 Constitution Day




The celebration of the National Flag Day and the May 3 Constitution Day began on 26 April with the official ceremony held in the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command. The Brigade Commander Colonel Dmytro BRATISHKO on behalf of the Ukrainian and Lithuanian officers congratulated their Polish colleagues. On the side of the highest political and military leadership of Poland, the Chief of Staff Colonel Michał MAŁYSKA decorated the awarded Polish soldiers with medals and decorations. After the end of the roll call, all the personnel moved to the briefing room to attend a lecture concerning May 3 Constitution Day.


On May 2, the Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command delegates along with the representatives of Lublin local authorities participated in the official ceremony of solemn raising of the state flag held in three different places. Next day was also full of very important events. The 3 of May it is Constitution Day is a Polish national and public holiday. LITPOLUKRBRIG officers laid flowers at the Monument of the May 3 Constitution Day. The ceremony was held at the Lithuanian Square. The culmination of the May celebrations in Lublin was a military parade followed by concerts, national dance shows and the common dancing of Polonaise.


During the celebration of May 3 Constitution Day, Colonel Dmytro BRATISHKO and Colonel Michał MAŁYSKA participated at The Great Parade "Strong in Alliances" on May 3rd at Warsaw's Wisłostrada.


"Strong in alliances" it was the slogan of this year's great parade, which took take place in Warsaw. This huge event was dedicated for joint celebration The Polish Constitution Day, the 20th anniversary of Poland's accession to NATO and the 15th anniversary of Poland's membership in the European . Stronger together.


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