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“To inform is to influence. Just remember about it…” under this slogan, workshops about INFORMATION OPERATION were conducted in the LITPOLUKRBRIG.



This two-days of workshop were dedicated to improve the knowledge in INFOOPS area for LITPOLUKRBRIG personnel, representatives from Lithuanian, Polish, and Ukrainian Armed Forces as well as  for some soldiers from U.S. Army in Europe


The main idea was to teach training audience NATO Information Operations, to familiarize with correlated branches of INFORMATION OPERATION (CIMIC, PSYOPS, PA) and to learn how detect symptoms of Influence Operation.


The workshop consisted of lectures and practical activities. LITPOLUKRBRIG invited special speakers to underline the very important topics: MAJ Yevheniy ZABRODSKYI (representative from Armed Forces of Ukraine), briefed about “The CIMIC activity in the ATO (JFO) zone in the INFORMATION OPERATION context in Ukraine”,  MAJ Aurimas KLEVECKAS, (representative from Lithuanian Armed Forces) – “ STRATCOM in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. LTU experience fighting propaganda” and  Aleksandra Kuczyńska-Zonik, Ph.Ds from Institute of Central Europe, Lublin, specialist of the academic environment – “InfoSec in global security context and Russia's propaganda in CEE


,,It was a very valuable workshop that helped to look at the INFOPS from different perspectives. Information awareness is necessary for everyone, it’s not depend on the rank or position – everybody must know what’s going on around at the information theatre of action” - one of the course participants commented.

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