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Working sessions to develop Exercise Rapid Trident 2019 and Exercise Agile Spirit 2019 documentation.


On April 8-19, 2019 LITPOLUKRBRIG conducted a two-week working session during which the planners developed the documentation for the upcoming Exercise Rapid Trident 2019 and Exercise Agile Spirit 2019.


In 2019 LITPOLUKRBRIG Command takes part in the Exercise Rapid Trident in Ukraine and Exercise Agile Spirit  in Georgia where it will act as the division HICON and form the backbone of the Higher Contingent. The representatives of the Georgian Defense Forces, U.S. Army Europe and the Ukrainian Armed Forces were involved in the planning events, conducted in Lublin. The main tasks were to identify the Rapid Trident and Agile Spirit participants, to create and to produce Division Operational Orders and Master Scenario Events List.


The Chairman of the US working group, KEVIN STIBICH, the exercise planner for RT-19, explained the ongoing process: “The exercise aims at implementing a sustainable Ukrainian Armed Forces Institutional Training capacity by enhancing MIL-to-MIL relationships, exchanging professional experience through planning and training, improving interoperability at the tactical level between the Forces of the United States, Ukraine and participating NATO and its partners. Right now we don’t have enough time to prepare everything, but we have a good job on it, based on two previous planning conferences. We are deeply dependent on the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command staff, which is in a really good shape. Approximately 3200 militaries from US, Ukraine and other NATO along with its partner countries will be involved in this exercise.


The Chairman of the Ukrainian delegation, COL DENYS KAMENTSEV, acting head of the Department of the International Cooperation of the National Academy, mentioned War gaming in the process of the MDMP. He stated: “MILITARY WARGAMING is an active process of MDMP. War-games are simulations in which theories of warfare can be tested and refined without the need for actual hostilities. We are moving towards interoperability with the NATO units. International training is the first and more effective stage for Ukrainian headquarters personnel and also for officers from different units. It is the best way to introduce the process of planning international or multinational exercises, in compliance with NATO standards. Right now we are developing a plan for an environment that will be implemented in the general order for the exercise. The number of participants is already known, and 10 countries will participate in the exercises. We want to attract other countries to these exercises. We are stronger together.


The Chairman of the Georgian working group LTC VASILI VESHAGURI, added:
“Agile Spirit is a very important exercise for the Georgian Armed Forces and to all the participants.
The aim of the exercise “AGILE SPIRIT 2019” is to enhance interoperability, train and improve operational capabilities of exercise participants during planning and ution of operations in the real time within a multinational environment. We will have a great opportunity to work together in one multinational team. At this working session all working groups create and produce Division Operational Order for a division level. During MDMP process we pay particular attention to war gaming. During the planning meetings all the staff have to think over the exercises, plan all the trainings events and need to notice all the required elements taking into consideration the scale of the exercises. It is a great challenge for everyone to become ready for Agile Spirit-2019. It is not easy, but I like the way of working at LITPOLUKRBRIG. It is a really great team.
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