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LITPOLUKRBRIG soldiers visit Lublin kindergartens
Soldiers of three countries visited kindergartens No. 87 and 28 where they presented their equipment and talked about the army.

What is patriotism? What are the national symbols? Who is a soldier and what is his service? These are just a few of the questions that children answered during the visit of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade soldiers. Kids eagerly answered questions about our homeland and national symbolism. In addition, they were very interested in the soldiers from Ukraine and Lithuania, as well as their different uniforms and some drill elements. Despite their young age, it must be admitted that they presented a great knowledge about the army and were very willing to take part in the classes - said CPT Maciej PISARSKI.

Talking about patriotism was not the only element that soldiers prepared for the kids. The children and their teachers also participated in a mini drill training prepared by the soldiers from the three nations as well as they were acquainted with the basic equipment of the soldier or the military dressing made by CPT Igor PLIS. In order to thank for the visit, the children and soldiers sang the national anthem – “Mazurek D±browskiego”.

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