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The Mayor of Lublin visits LITPOLUKRBRIG
Official visit in LITPOLUKRBRIG

On November 26, 2018, Mr Krzysztof Żuk, the Mayor of the City of Lublin, paid an official visit to the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command, where he discussed with the Multinational Brigade commanding officers the matters related to the cooperation between the local and the military communities.

Colonel Dmytro Bratishko, the Commander, Colonel Arturas Jasinskas, the Deputy Commander, Colonel Michał Małyska, the Chief of Staff, warmly welcomed the distinguished visitor. The commanding officers remarked that the Multinational Brigade HQ has established good relations with uniformed services, universities, schools. LITPOLUKRBRIG staff are encouraged to participate in local events and the cultural life. The city itself combines both very modern accents and remarkable historical elements.

During the orientation briefing, Mr Krzysztof Żuk was familiarized with the social, economic and cultural impact of the Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command location in Lublin.

“As a Ukrainian officer and the LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander, I shall say that I am happy to be here. The local authorities have accepted us as good partners. We promote our history, the common history and in the Command we speak about the aspects of the tri-national cooperation in the past. Thus, the common understanding and friendship lead our relations,” added Colonel Dmytro Bratishko.

Also, Mr Krzysztof Żuk was shown the military compound where he could observe the multinational officers’ working stations as well as the ongoing Battle Staff Training BRAVE BOSS.

At the end of the visit the Mayor of the City of Lublin signed the LITPOLUKRBRIG memory book.

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