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     The headquarters of LITPOLUKRBRIG is organized according to NATO standards and divided into the Brigade Command and the Staff Group. The posts in the Brigade Command rotate between framework nations - the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland and Ukraine. The Chief of Staff (COS) is the head of the staff group. The Staff is divided into three, groups. Each group is headed by the Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) and divided into sections. Each section is headed by Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS).


Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) is the first in the chain of command among DCOS Operation and DCOS Support. DCOS supports Chief of Staff and replaces him in case of unavailability. Deputy Chief of Staff is exercising command over Information Management Cell and Visit & Protocol Cell.


Deputy chief of Staff Operations (DCOS OPS) manages all aspects of intelligence, current operations, short-term and long-term planning, civil – military coordination and combat support.


Deputy chief of Staff Support (DCOS SUPP) manages all aspects of personnel, sustainment, communication, financial issues and combat service support.




Units affiliated to the Multinational Brigade shall remain within the structures of the Armed Forces of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine until the Brigade is activated for participation in an international operation. In case of using the Brigade in an international mission, the appropriate Operational Commander will be in operational command. As part of the national chain of command, the Brigade will be subordinated to the appropriate National Leaders responsible for overseeing and commanding forces directed to the Operation.



List of affiliated units:

1. Headquarters Battalion of the Multinational Brigade (Lublin, Poland) from 9th Command Support Brigade.

2. 1st air assault battalion (Lviv, Ukraine) from 80 Airmobile Brigade.

3. 5th Podhale rifleman battalion (Przemyśl, Poland) from 21st Podhale Rifleman Brigade.

4. Grand Duchess Birutė Uhlan Battalion (Alytus, Lithuania) from Iron Wolf Brigade.

5. 14th self-propelled artillery battalion (Jarosław, Poland) from 21st Podhale Rifleman Brigade.

6. 21st air defense artillery battalion (Jarosław, Poland) from 21st Podhale Rifleman Brigade.

7. 16th engineering battalion (Nisko, Poland) from 21st Podhale Rifleman Brigade.

8. 21st logistic battalion (Rzeszów, Poland) from 21st Podhale Rifleman Brigade.

9. Multinational Military Police Component consisting of 3 Military Police platoons affiliated from Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian Armed Forces.

10. Reconnaissance Company, CBRN platoon and Land Liaison Element (Rzeszów, Poland) from 21st Podhale Rifleman Brigade.

11. Electronic Warfare and SIGINT elements from 2nd Electronic Warfare Center.

12. Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) group from Center of Preparation for Peacekeeping Operations in Kielce, Poland.

13. PSYOPS group from Central Psychological Operations in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

14. UAV section from 12th Unmanned Vehicle Base in Mirosławiec, Poland.

15. Geographical section from 19th Geographical Branch in Leszno, Poland.








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