Mission and Tasks 
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With the unanimous consent of the States, the Brigade or its elements shall be available for international operations, in accordance with the provisions and principles of the international law.



Ensure capability of command and control up to 3 maneuver battalions and additional CS and CSS Bn/Coy-sized and mission-tailored units within the Brigade Area of Responsibility (AOR).


Be prepared to plan, organize and control multinational operations up to a brigade level, even autonomously within limits defined by the legal mandate of mission and constrained by operational environment.


Plan and control military operations in a joint civil – military environment.


Provide planning, coordination and synchronization of own effects in cooperation with non-military actors operating within AOR, bearing in mind their objectives and activities within comprehensive response.


Provide capability of direction, collection, analysis and dissemination of Intelligence within the Brigade Area of Interests (AOI).


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