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LITPOLUKRBRIG Running competition
Military integration by sport

On the 27th April 2018 for the third time LITPOLUKRBRIG Running Competition was organized. In this edition the representatives of the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command, HQ bn and Territorial Defence Brigade from Lublin took part. The Competition was organized to integrate military personnel of Lublin, however the sport competition was on a high level. Two competitions were conducted. Individual run on the 3000 m was won by Paweł Drewniak from the HQ bn. The second place was won by Stanisław SOŁOWIEJ from the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command and the third place went to Radosław Szmit from the Teritorial Defence Brigade. In Relay Run 3x400m a team built by Jarosław WIELEBA, Michał GULAJEW and Mateusz KACZOREK  from the HQ bn won. They were followed by the team comprised of Grzegorz Golianek, Piotr Miksza and Paweł Drewniak from HQ bn. The lowest place on the podium  also went to the HQ bn representatives: Bartłomiej Oświt, Władysław Świderski and Konrad Pietrzak. Congratulations for the winners and words of appreciation to all participants for the sporting spirit. Please feel invited to the next edition which will be organized next year.


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