NEWS 2017 
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Ukrainian military light candles in Lublin
"The Holodomor"

Ukrainian officers from LITPOLUKRBRIG Command commemorated the Ukrainians, Poles and people from other nations, who died from the Famine caused by the Soviet regime, near the Monument to the Holodomor victims of 1932-33 in Lublin, Poland.

The commemorative event was organized and hosted by the Consulate General of Ukraine in Lublin and the Ukrainian community of this Polish city with the participation of representatives of the Grand Hetman Konstiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade. Lublin Province Governor Przemyslaw Czarnek, representatives of local governments also shared this day with Ukrainians in Lublin. Besides, the event was joined by guests from Lviv.

“The Holodomor is one of the most horrible tragedies of the Ukrainian people. Every year we honor the memory of the victims in order to remind ourselves of the causes and consequences, and do our best to ensure that neither we nor the following generations will never experience such gruesome events.” remarked Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov,  Deputy Commander of LITPOLUKRBRIG.

The Ukrainians in Lublin read a joint prayer, held a minute of silence for every victim of the Holodomor. Approximately at 16 o'clock they joined the national action Light a Candle.


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